Guidance for a Micro Grant Video Pitch

Tips for video pitch

  • Present your idea first. We need to understand what it is you want to develop before anything else 
  • Present precisely and concisely 
  • Show product, prototype or another form of visual presentation of your idea 
  • Present the entire team physically in the video. We want to see everyone in the team, it gives credibility 
  • To validate the idea: feel free to include “expert statements” in your video where an expert, customer or business partner speaks about the team, the market potential and the idea 
  • Good technique. Turn the camera horizontally and make sure the sound is good 
  • Feel free to be creative in your video pitch, but always consider the fine line between create and being perceived as frivolous 
  • Show that you are passionate about what you do. We want to experience engagement for the team 
  • It can be quite uncomfortable for someone to have to film themselves. We understand that. Make your pitch in the way you are most comfortable with, but also feel free to challenge yourself. The video pitch is an important part of the application 


Avoid in video pitch


  • As much as possible to read your pitch from the slides  
  • To reuse a video pitch. Your video pitch must be made for the Micro Grant committee and not be a pitch from a competition or used in other contexts. If you have had an application rejected and want to apply again, it is visible how you have developed since the last time 
  • Poor sound and light. We do not recommend music in the background and be aware of noise, wind and poor light, which can spoil an otherwise good pitch 
  • Advertising/sales video with focus on product. A Micro Grant video pitch is about informing the committee about both the innovative idea, the idea’s potential and how and by whom it must be implemented. Therefore, the pitch should not be presented as an advertisement for the product. It feels like a waste of time, because it does not provide the necessary insight into the company and the team behind it 




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Advice from Micro Grant:

Believe in yourselves and be convincing 

Examples of a good video pitch



What does OceanWide Seaweed ApS do well in their video pitch: 

  • Presents themselves and their idea within the first 30 seconds 
  • They explain what already exist on the market and how they differentiates from that 
  • They use images to back their arguments 
  • They show their prototype and pictures of their delvelopment process 
  • They show partnerships and explain why these are important for the further development 



What does Greentab do well in their video pitch: 


  • The video pitch is talking directly to the Micro Grant committee 
  • They present the idea and show a prototype and back up the product with data to show the benefits of the product 
  • They visualise which SDG’s they work with  
  • The entire team is presenting  
  • They show how the product works  
  • They explain how the Micro Grant will be used and why it is needed for further development